About this program

MedDay’s lead candidate, MD1003, is a patented oral formulation of high dose Pharmaceutical grade Biotin in development in progressive forms of Multiple Sclerosis.
MD1003 is also currently being evaluated in other neurodegenerative diseases.
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Learn more about the metabolic approach in progressive forms of Multiple Sclerosis 


About MD1003 Phase III trials

Clinical development of this product is proceeding and MedDay is currently conducting a placebo-controlled phase III trial.
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MD1103 is a pre-clinical drug candidate currently being investigated in symptoms related to Autism Spectrum Disorders. MD1103 is intended to have an impact on certain core symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorders including social withdrawal and apathy. MedDay is planning a phase I study, which, if successful, will be followed by a clinical proof of concept study.


MD1105 is being developed as a disease-modifying therapy in Alzheimer’s Disease. The candidate is currently in the pre-clinical phase. MedDay is planning a phase Ib proof of concept study.